Ultrasonic Stirrer/Vibrator

Ultrasonic Stirrer/Vibrator is used for removing the air bubbles from the milk before testing. It is mandatory for the fresh milk because it contains lot of micro air bubble while milking from the animal. Being the analyzer is working by the principle of ultrasonic sound through milk, the air in between will block the ultrasonic waves and wrong reading will be produced. So every milk analyzer based on ultrasonic will needed ultrasonic stirrer/vibrator.

  1. A product fully indigenous manufacturing.
  2. Low maintenance cost and spares cost, timely service and ready availability of spares.
  3. Low maintenance design.   (Ideal for Indian condition)
  4. Adjustable frequency and vibration time.
  5. Power ON and active indication.
  6. Services and spares at affordable rates.
  7. Splash proof cabinet design. (Water or milk if spilled over the body, will not penetrate inside the cabinet. This keeps the electronics and its sensitive components safe and intact.)
  8. Cabinet made out of mild steel and powder coated to prevent from corrosion.
  9. Vibration gun made with mild steel and chromium plated to prevent from corrosion.
  10. External power supply adapter to avoid power line interference and easy maintenance.

Function : Ultrasonic Stirrer is used for removing the micro level air from the fresh milk.

Model "PSR-25"
Vibration time Variable
Number of sample to be vibrated at a time 1
Operating Voltage 12 Volts DC
Power input External Adapter
Vibration Frequency 20Khz – 40khz variable
Power 30W